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At the end of 2009, we were tired, not eating right, and frustrated with how we felt. Linde was always sick and Jeff was practically living inside our coffee pot. On top of that we just couldn’t crunch any more pennies living paycheck to paycheck because of a hefty $100,000+ student loan tab. We needed hope!

That’s when AdvoCare found us. Within 3 days of getting on products we immediately felt like the light was being turned on inside. To date Linde has lost 22 pounds and 3 dress sizes and doesn’t crash mid-afternoon anymore. Jeff dropped to 9% body fat, added over 10lbs of muscle and hasn’t touched coffee since that first day! Since deciding to share our results part-time, AdvoCare has helped us pay off nearly $30,000 of debt and has paid us over $80,000. We have fallen in love with this company and are committed to helping other families get fit and find free. Ever thought about working from home? We are ready to lock arms with you.




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Work From Home Job Mindset #4: Plan B?

Be A ChampionA few weeks ago, we were sitting in a networking group meeting listening to one of our peers in the health care field describe some of the biggest causes of bankruptcy. A simple ambulance ride and 1-2 day stay in the hospital can rack up thousands of dollars of medical bills. An accident can put a family into a downward spiral leading to financial stress or even bankruptcy, through no fault of their own.

We live in a society today that runs up the wazoo with “insurance” policies. Auto, home, life…you name it, there is a policy for it. And for good reason. We build safeguards so that in case the worst happens we can protect ourselves and our families from serious money problems. Because the truth is, each and every day we face uncertainty. Your husband or wife could lose their job. An unexpected illness or accident occurs. Aging parents require special care or perhaps we discover we have to try alternative methods to have children. So why is it then, that we don’t always think about “insuring” our life by adding an additional stream of income?

The WHAT IF factor was a big reason why we began our Sacramento work from home business with AdvoCare. As a couple in their mid-twenties, we realized that in order to prepare for the future, we couldn’t rely on the promise of a corporate job that might be here today and gone tomorrow. We saw the need to become financially stable so that we could give our parents the best care down the road. It had to come from developing a stream of income from an outside source. And with AdvoCare, we saw others who by nature of working hard for a few years consistently, were able to surpass their full-time income and start to earn a residual income that paid their family exponentially.

Having more money creates options. It provides choices for the moments in life, God forbid they come, that we need money the most. Putting in the hours now into our business, working part time from home, changing lives and having fun while doing so gives us the peace of mind that we have a solution should “life” rear its ugly head. Our question to you is this: if you were to have something major happen in your life, would you be prepared? If not, perhaps it’s time to think long and hard about starting a business from home that can provide the safety net you need.

Be A ChampionProud to welcome Crossfit World Champion Rich Froning as an AdvoCare non-cash compensated endorser! Excited to have this champion as part of our family.