Jeff-and-Linde-about-us“At the end of 2009, we were tired, not eating right, and frustrated with how we felt. Linde was always sick and Jeff was practically living inside our coffee pot. On top of that we just couldn’t crunch any more pennies living paycheck to paycheck because of a hefty $100,000+ student loan tab. We needed hope!

Within 3 days of getting on products we immediately felt like the light was being turned on inside. To date Linde has lost 22 pounds and 3 dress sizes and doesn’t crash mid-afternoon anymore. Jeff dropped to 9% body fat, added over 10lbs of muscle and hasn’t touched coffee since that first day! So we decided to start sharing our results right away and embraced the business side of AdvoCare on a part time basis.

Not only have our lives been transformed physically, but now the business side is dramatically changing our finances. Just by helping people get results like we did, we have been able to earn a part-time income that keeps Linde home full-time and allows her to volunteer as a Holy Yoga instructor in local churches. AdvoCare has also helped us pay off over $30,000 of student loan debt, and we are now on track to pay off the balance within the next two years. This will give us the financial freedom we’ve always dreamed about so we can give more, be more, and serve more in life!

What began as a jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle awakened a passion in our hearts to connect with others seeking their extraordinary. We’re looking for those who will not to settle for today’s circumstances – whether that be in health, in finances, or both! We are thankful every day for this incredible company with unmatched integrity and quality in the industry. What’s YOUR extraordinary?”

God Bless,
Jeff & Linde